The Blessed Land

The Blessed Land tells the story of the nations of humanity, united beneath the Dragon Gods, trapped by an ancient war within the confines of a vast ring of mountains while the outside world was twisted by the Darkness Undivided. Survivng increasingly-dire incursions from the Wither outside, humanity finally won what should have been a lasting victory six centuries before. But, as with all things that should be, the truth is far more delicate and reality far more dire.

Evil has slept for six hundred years and the world languishes in an era of unprecedented peace. But now, betrayal threatens to unleash long-vanquished shadows onto nations unprepared for strife. Amidst deceit, calamity, and death, Thabien Feyn must find the strength to stand tall, for he and his friends may be the world's only hope, the only shield between the Blessed Land and a future beneath the black hand of...
The Darkness Undivided.

Thabien Feyn has faced the servants of the Darkness Undivided and proven himself equal to their challenge, though not without paying a price almost beyond enduring.

But his hard-won victory is barely finished when the true depths of the enemy's depravity is revealed. Thabien must break his oaths and abandon the friends who have helped him come so far in the hope of saving what is most precious to him. What awaits him at the end of his journey are new challenges and new foes, but the possibility of new allies as well and, most valuable of all, the promise of a power with sufficient potential to diminish the Darkness, burning it away in the light of...
The Sacred Flames.