Short Stories

Though I usually work in the medium of novels or series, not everything I write is a grand, sweeping epic. I sometimes try to focus on smaller scenarios, more intimate or isolated moments. This produces the occasional short story, which I would feel bad charging people to read. Thus, I present them at absolutely no charge!

I hope you enjoy what's on offer and--if you do--perhaps you would consider leaving a review or even being inspired to try out one of my novels.

Falling Angel

Falling Angel

Fledgling colonies burn. Orbital stations are reduced to debris. Expansion into the solar system has been completely halted by a force against which humanity is powerless: the Angel. In a final desperate ploy, the best a dying race has to offer must make unimaginable sacrifices reaching for a faint spark of hope: that angels have fallen before.

Word Count: 17,200

Note: This story was awarded an honorable mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest during Q3, 2011. It also features my first-ever cover design, if you couldn't tell.