Tabletop Gaming

I have enjoyed a life-long love of Dungeons & Dragons table-top roleplaying games, along with dabbling in numerous other gaming options. With the split between D&D 4e and Pathfinder, I've found myself firmly in the Pathfinder camp. To that end, I've produced several free supplements that I use in the games that I run. For more details about my own campaigns, feel free to visit my D&D website.

Epic Pathfinder Handbook

Based off the Dungeons & Dragons Epic Level Handbook, this 113-page supplement gives rules and options for carrying play beyond the normal, 20-level progression. It includes:

  • Epic rules for all 11 core classes and 8 base classes, including the Gunslinger and Magus
  • Over 300 epic feats for unparalleled control of your character's advancement
  • Hundreds of epic magic items
  • Epic spellcasting focused around over 40 epic metamagic feats or creating your own custom spells
  • A selection of house rules that I have found to simplify play at epic levels

Pathfinder Combat Styles Guide

Need to give your fighters more oomph on the battlefield? Maybe your rogues aren't as skillful as you had hoped? Look no further than these combat styles designed for use with non-magical Pathfinder settings. An 86-page guide to taking combat to the next level, including:

  • 16 Offensive Combat Styles to utterly demolish your foes
  • 16 Utility Combat Styles that will grant you unrivaled mastery of the battlefield
  • 13 Skill Styles that will bring the most out of every skill point you spend
  • Systems for adapting to non-magic environments and the challenges they possess
  • Fluff adapted for the Cerenth campaign setting, but easily modifiable for your favorite world

Class and Archetype Pathfinder Handbook

Classes and archetypes that I have designed over the years. 49 pages detailing a new base class and 23 archetypes, it includes:

  • The Realmwalker: a new base class that relies on the innate power of their heritage
  • The Trapmaster Alchemist: an alchemist archetype whose mines leave an explosive surprise for the unwary
  • The Warpstep Magus: a magus archetype that gives up combat prowess in return for absolute mobility about the battlefield
  • The Tomb Lord: a summoner archetype that favor mastery of the undead rather than summoned monsters
  • Unchained variants of all monk, rogue, and summoner archetypes
  • Epic-level rules for the Realmwalker compatible with the Epic Pathfinder Handbook